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Five Tips For Social Media Success In 2021 With Stephanie Paradiso

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Stephanie Paradiso is a social media coach, mom blogger, and influencer in the motherhood space on Instagram. She works with small businesses, solopreneurs, and aspiring influencers/bloggers, helping them to create effective social media strategies that emotionally connect with their ideal audience. In her free time, she loves to travel to foodie cities in the U.S. (Pre-Covid, of course!) try new recipes, and listen to podcasts.

We asked Stephanie to share 5 of her go-to social media strategies so you can take her expert advice and use it to grow your business, Babe!

Social Media Tip 1: Focus More On The Numbers In Your Insights Rather Than The Number Of Followers

Stephanie shares, “This can be hard for some, as we live in a culture that is obsessed with vanity metrics. But trust me when I say a large following doesn’t necessarily mean a large bank account.

Someone with 200 ideal followers (meaning they are the exact customer avatar for the brand) can drive more income into their business than someone who has 2000 followers that are not invested or engaging.

Instead of focusing on the number of followers focus on how your followers are responding to your content and how you can use insights to further your strategy.”

Social Media Tip 2: Repurpose Content To Avoid Burnout!

“You can reuse ideas over and over! Just repurpose the idea into a new piece of content with a new format.” according to Stephanie.

“For example, if you were a real estate agent and wanted to share 3 tips on the process of getting pre-approved for a mortgage, you could do this in a static feed post with a caption.

You could then take that caption and turn the copy into a reel the following week. In a month take that same copy and create a newsletter to send to your email list. A few weeks after that do a series of IG stories sharing those same tips.

One topic. Four ways to share it over the course of a few months!”

Social Media Tip 3: Instagram Is About Building Community- So Make That A Goal!

But how? Well, Stephanie offers, “One great way to do this is to welcome each new follower. Take a few seconds to send new accounts that follow you a short message. This opens up a line of communication, shows that you are actively looking to build community, and invites any feedback/questions someone may have."

Bonus Tip: "Save the message in your phone notes (to copy and paste) OR set up “saved replies” on Instagram to easily send messages to new and current followers.”

Social Media Tip 4: Tell A Story When Possible

Why storytelling? Well, Stephanie explains:

“Storytelling is a powerful way to build your audience and share your offer(s). For example, if you were a wedding photographer rather than just posting some beautiful shots of your client’s wedding, share a caption along with those images of something sweet, romantic, touching, or funny that happened during their special day.

This helps you to humanize your content and shows that you are invested in your clients and pay attention to detail!

Adding stories to your captions whenever possible will set you apart on social media.”

Social Media Tip 5: Be Authentic

We love this one because Stephanie’s other tips need it to work their magic.

“This one seems obvious, but I can’t tell you the number of clients I have that come to me wanting to be “just like” another brand/influencer/company. I am all about taking inspiration from things you love but it is so important to find your own voice and style.

I made this mistake for years- posting content very similar to what other influencers in my space were sharing. I thought that was what people wanted to see! But the moment I began showing up as my authentic self I started to grow much faster and with the right audience.”

Connect With Stephanie

If your goal is to level up your social media game, find new ways to connect with potential clients, and set yourself apart from others who do what you do, Stephanie is your girl!

Connect with Stephanie on Instagram here.

Check out Stephanie’s Website here.

And to join our Babes Community and connect with more amazing Babes In Business, check out our memberships here.

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