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Become a Vendor
our Meet Ups

Our meet ups are perfect for showcasing your business, product or service based! 

Our events draw around 100 babes of all different levels of business, all ready to network and shop! 

We always make sure to curate our events so we have 1 to 2 businesses in each category. 

If you haven't attended one of our meet ups yet we suggest you do before you vend.  It's always good to get the full expericance before you attend as a vendor. 

To apply fill out the form below, once accepted complete your payment to guarantee your spot. 

Please read our vendor guidelines here before applying.


Cancellation policy:

Refund Policy - If there is a cancellation by the vendor: If a Vendor needs to cancel, they must notify the specific Babes In Business location they purchased the vendor table from by email. If cancellation notification is received more than 30 days before the vendor sell date, Vendor will receive a 50% refund. Any cancellations less than 30 days before the vendor sell date will not receive a refund. By cancelling, Vendor forfeits their spot to the Babes In Business. If there is a cancellation by Babes In Business: If a cancellation of Babes In Business is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, acts of a third party, or other circumstances which (in Babes In Business's sole judgement) may compromise the safety of vendors and participants, then there will be no credits or refunds to Vendor.

*The above applies to ALL Babes In Business locations.  If you are vending with a different BIB location than NJ you will need to email that specific location.

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