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Branding Your Business With Canva

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

One of our newest Babes In Business Workbooks focuses on how to use Canva to make your business look professional. Canva has so many amazing features and is a simple way to start setting clear brand guidelines.

While the full Workbook covers all our go-to steps you’ll need to take to use Canva to set up your branding, we’re highlighting 3 of the most important right here on the blog today. So, let’s go!

Choose Your Brand Colors

Choosing your brand colors can feel like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to.

Canva makes it easy to pull together a set of colors (We tend to recommend 4-6 so you have a visually beautiful mix).

Worried the colors look good together but maybe aren’t going to look as stunning in actual designs?

No problem. You can try out your color palette on graphics and templates you like before you make it “the one”.

Choose Your Brand Fonts

With colors tackled you can move into fonts!

While they might not feel as exciting as brand colors, they often have a huge impact on the tone of your branding. Some fonts feel soft and feminine while others feel bold, and others feel quirky or unique.

In the workbook, we give you a checklist of things to explore when selecting your fonts. But for now, it’s helpful to know that you’ll probably want about 3 fonts in your branding. Specifically, you’ll be deciding on a heading, body (or paragraph) font, and an accent font.

Design Your Logo

The final step in building your branding in Canva is to create your logo.

And the best part is you don’t need to master Photoshop or have a steady hand or artistic abilities to make it happen. Canva has tons of templates for logos, from the ultra-modern to the minimalist to the boho-chic.

The logo is the place where your fonts, colors, and style all come together and you can really show off your brand’s tone this way.

The Bottom Line

Canva makes the whole branding process easy and fun. It’s a way to communicate what your brand stands for in visual terms and it’s a way of getting to know your brand better in the process!

So, go on and try it out! We can’t wait to see what you create.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram with your new Canva-created branding! @babesinbusinessnj

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