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The Art of Giving and Receiving In Life and Business With Daphny Lauren

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

We spent our latest Morning Mind Fuel meeting with our guest expert, Daphny Lauren exploring her journey from corporate America to owning two of her own businesses. And we got some practical, spiritual, and inspiring tips for expanding our own business impact and income.

Today we’re sharing some of our biggest takeaways from the interview. And if you want access to amazing interviews and insight like this, you’ll find the best way to get that too!

Let’s get to it!

Meet Daphny

Daphny Lauren has always been a creatively driven soul. After a decade as a buyer in the Home & Fashion Accessory world, she decided to trade in her retail successes to pursue the life of entrepreneurship in the creative world. Born out of divine inspiration to create with paper, D Lauren taught herself to create paper flowers that captured nature's incredible beauty without any of the maintenance.

Now a successful entrepreneur, she is on a mission to inspire other women to pursue their creative dreams & turn their passions into profit.

Her Moguls Mission

Our mission is to help women make more money by applying the 7 conditions of Giving and Receiving in their business and life.

We teach Moguls that it is their Divine Responsibility (1) to authentically share their passion through imperfect action and forward stumbling. (2) To give freely and powerfully (3) and increase both the quality of work and quantity of people they overdeliver to ( 4). We help women tap into their infinite opportunity by co-creating with the universe (5); harness their feminine power to give (not people please) and receive (not take) (6); and finally, to let go (7) of their results, remain in the flow of action and let the universe deliver the rest.

Tools That Daphny Brought From Corporate Life To Her Entrepreneurship Journey

Daphny’s combination of traditional business training/tools and her spirituality have been her winning recipe for business growth.

Daphne shared how she implemented daily mind sessions to download principles she and her team follow each day, As she explained, helping other people find their joy is what really does it for her.

She encourages those she works with to take continual action and splits her time between a handmade product business and a business where she takes on a community leadership role.

“In my corporate life, I wasn’t making the decisions I wanted to make in my business.”

But, rather than throw all her corporate know-how out when she became a business owner herself, Daphne decided to take the tools that had served her well into her new journey.

“I felt for a long time that I had to reject the corporate to be good at entrepreneurship. But that couldn’t be further from the truth: It’s an evolution.”

From sales and margins to markups and tracking tools, Daphny knew the numbers that big businesses are looking to attain and it’s something she teaches in Moguls.

“It’s a little window into what your big competitors are doing.”

Another thing she brought with her from the corporate world? Learning to talk to people.

Managing a team, learning to make people feel appreciated, and even the way she talks to herself all came into play.

She decided to use her corporate communication abilities to show up and speak to people in a way that makes them feel heard and useful without always saying yes all the time.

Finally, she uses her corporate experience when it comes to clarifying goals, how to attain them, and what do we need to make room for or say no to in order for those things to happen.

These, she shared, are universal.

How Spirituality Came Into Her Life

Spirituality came to her first in the form of yoga. She had left the corporate world and yoga began as a fitness tool for her.

“Yoga told me I was enough already. It didn’t click until that moment. My responsibility is not in the results. My mat was a place that I could work things out.”

It gave Daphny a sense of relief that she had been taking responsibility for things that were not hers to do so with. Over time she realized that the magic she could share with people came when she believed her own worth.

“I took care of myself in order to take care of others. And my business took off.”

The more she put herself first the more she was able to help people put themselves first. Daphny’s become someone who even in most difficult moments finds the silver lining.

“It’s hard work but it multiplies on the sales line.”

What Are The Divine Principles?

Daphny shared that her business, Moguls, was created because there are really simple principles to life and business.

“We all have things to navigate and the way we navigate it has to be the way that makes us feel best. There’s no judgment and no right way to do that.”

One of the mogul principles is your divine responsibility: When you’re inspired it’s your duty to go after it. The moment that idea comes to you it's’ your responsibility to make it happen. Your business is not just paper and pen and product.

That idea came to YOU.

Another principle is Profit Potential.

This means you are going to make as much profit as you exceed people’s expectations and as many people as you reach. It’s like knowing that people paid X and they got so much more out of it.

And that doesn’t have to be “more product”

It means paying attention to things like

  • How did they feel when using it or working with you?

  • About themselves?

  • About the experience?

This determines if they recommend you or buy from you again and that’s how we start because we all understand that experience and we want them to feel special in that way no matter what the purchase is.

What Is Giving Power?

Giving Power is another principle in Moguls. Daphny explains that when you give something the universe is indebted to you. Something is to come. It gets you thinking about how to give positivity, inspiration, and information.

“Every time you give someone else also feels like they want to give too. When you give, you get back and not always in the ways you might expect it.”

One Of The First Things She Learned As New Entrepreneur

One of the first things Daphny learned was how to value her time.

“I was undercharging. It took me a while to overcome that imposter syndrome of asking ‘what kind of legitimacy do I have?’. It was big for me to accept that my journey was not a mistake.”

She explains that it’s a slightly spiritual acceptance that you need to have. There’s no imposter: It came to you and it’s your own way of doing it. Daphny’s paper flowers had to be better because they were her own.

“When I started charging the appropriate amount for my time and ability, the number of people who wanted it increased. My value was in line with the quality.”

She went on to share that when it comes to pricing, if you’re not allowing space for receiving, it’s going to make pricing a challenge because setting a price for a product is setting up your receiving ahead of time. If there’s an imbalance you’ll be running on empty when you make that item or deliver that service. You have to make sure you’re not sending the wrong message through your pricing.

Collaborating As a Way of Giving

Daphny’s all about collaboration and she describes Moguls as a profit fire allowing things to grow in ways you never anticipated.

Collaborating is a way of giving because rising tides lift all boats.

The more people you collaborate with and share who you are with, it multiplies both of your influences.

It’s free promotion but it’s also adding multiple spheres of influence. Collaborate with people, help them with what they’re trying to do because you’ll be helping each other as you do. Get yourself and your business in front of as many people as possible. Reaching more people is a multiplication of your niche market.

“I find it very easy to collaborate and I plan at least one collaboration each month.”

Daphny encouraged us: “Take advantage of the opportunities you create for yourself to tap into those other spheres of influence. It’s not ever just me or you.”

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