Tara Romano: How Your Network Marketing Business Will Change Your Life

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

This month we got to chat with Tara Romano, a powerhouse Babe in Business, all about network marketing.

So, if you've ever wondered if it's the right path for you, you've found the perfect way to help you decide!

Meet Tara Tara is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship, especially in the network marketing industry. A modern-day prosperity story, Tara is known for her vulnerability in sharing her many trials & tribulations in her network marketing journey. Once she identified the personal and business habits required, she finally was able to achieve success and now her message is

“If I can do it, so can you.”

Currently, her focus includes educating network marketers on social media strategies to grow their team and elevating the industry in general as it has gifted her an incredible lifestyle by design.

You’ll find Tara’s social media footprint to be extensive across various platforms including YouTube with over five million views of her internationally renowned fitness videos featuring her original choreography and love of dance.

You can connect with Tara on Instagram at @Tara_Romano

You can learn more about Tara and her work by visiting her website.

We spoke to Tara about her experience in network marketing and learned about everything from community connections to residual income to one of the biggest keys Tara used to build her business.

We’re so excited to share pieces of our interview with you today.

How Tara Got Her Start In Network Marketing Tara’s network marketing business involves Isagenix and she believes in the power of a nutritional cleanse to help with things like stress management and your overall health.

“My sister got it for me for Christmas 10 years ago. She was concerned for my health. And it made me feel amazing.”

The Ways Your Network Marketing Business Can Change Your Life:

#1: You Can Build Residual Income Some people worry about whether they can make any real money with a network marketing business. And when the topic came up in our conversation with Tara, she wasn't afraid to tackle this question head on.

“I think it comes down to asking yourself about your financial goals. Then ask yourself if you could, doing what you’re doing right now, ever get to that end goal.”

If you think about how we’re taught to think about our work lives, there’s typically a CEO at the top and the hardest workers are at the bottom. But, as you know, when you own your own business, including in network marketing, you’re the CEO. Tara explained,

“You are the CEO. You’re at the top and there is so much available for you at the top!”

So what can residual income really mean for you in your daily life? Well for Tara it meant that she could eventually retire her mother and care for her father while launching herself into passions that range from personal development events to dance fitness classes.

And if you’re hearing the phrase “residual income” for the first time, that’s okay. Residual income is what happens when you do the work now and get paid later and you continue to see the impact of that work in your bank account month after month.

But, as you might have guessed, it’s not all laying back and hoping things happen either.

“I have such a passion. I was a bartender for years and I never really had less than 3 jobs. I’d work from 12-5 and maybe make $50. But with network marketing, I remember starting out and putting in the daily work. Every day. And one morning I woke up to my first $54 cycle because of the work I’d been doing consistently. I woke up to money.”

Now, every network marketing business has a different compensation set up, of course. But we thought that was pretty cool!

When we got down to it, Tara offered that,

“The amount of money you can create, you’ll never get in a 9 to 5. It will not only change your life financially. It’s personal development with a compensation plan attached to it.”

And that brings us to why you boss babes may consider starting a network marketing business.

#2: Your Business Can Grow (And You Will Too!)

“I’ve been working on my business for 8-9 years now. And it took me four years to create my business. Four years of doing this consistently. And that’s what makes the difference. That’s when you see your residual income grow.”