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How To Conduct an Instagram Audit In 3 Simple Steps

Struggling to gain traction on Instagram?

It’s probably time to take a good look at your profile.

An Instagram profile audit can help you make sure you’re reaching your ideal audience.

And today we’re sharing the top 3 steps to take when you do your own audit!

Let’s go!

Step 1: Make Sure Your Bio Is On Point So People Can Find You

In our "How to Kickstart Your Social Media" workbook, we go into detail on how to optimize your IG bio.

But for now, be sure you pay careful attention to the bio, name fields, CTA, and the link you share.

If you’re not getting the most out of your name field (it’s searchable!), for example, people could be looking for services or products like yours...and missing out!

Having too many or not enough calls to action can get confusing.

And not sharing about yourself in ways that attract the right people could also be holding you back.

So, check out your bio. Is it sharing the things that you know your audience will love?

Or is it missing something?

Once you’ve fixed up your bio, it’s time to move on to content.

Step 2: Do A Content Review So Your Audience Loves What They See

Sharing content for the sake of sharing isn’t really a marketing strategy. But sometimes we get caught up in the content creation process.

So, now is the perfect time to go through your content and really figure out what’s working and what’s not. You can look at how you’re using different kinds of content (Like Reels, IGTV, and Lives)

You can look at the topics you’re sharing and how often you’re posting (What’s resonating here? What’s not?)

You can read through your last nine posts' captions and check to see if the voice & tone is consistent. (Confusion doesn’t capture attention. So make sure your content sounds like you each time!)

And you can consider what topics or types of content you enjoy creating that also might work wonders for your audience. Creating new content ideas and planning ahead are great ways to see your reach grow!

Step 3: Check On Your Engagement And Set Goals So You Can Grow

Are you engaging with others on Instagram?

If you’re not, this may be why others aren’t engaging with you!

Creating Instagram engagement is like forming friendships: You might think your friends aren't reaching out to you, but they might not be reaching out because you haven't taken the first step!

Responding to DMs, engaging with similar accounts, and even sharing content where people tagged or shared your stuff are all great ways to create engagement.

It doesn’t always have to take a ton of effort to get your engagement up but you can see the impact over time.

Your Audit: Done!

To make the Instagram audit even easier, create a checklist of things you want to check on. Go through the checklist regularly and make changes as you see the results come in.

There’s no perfect way to grow your Instagram account, but when you pay attention to it, you can create change and that’s pretty awesome.

And when you have a system for making those changes, you’re set up for success in the future!!

Have fun with your Instagram audit and be sure to share your changes with us!

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