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Are You There Babes? It's Me the Slack Page

Babes in Business was designed to be an inclusive group where everyone could have the opportunity to be empowered and supported by the women around them. In order for you to utilize everything we have to offer and become a member of the babes, all you have to do is join our Slack team. By joining the Slack team you are given access to a portal of endless possibilities. We currently have more than 250 hustling babes chatting on the boards, but we want to hear your voice too.

If you follow us on social media or have read the previous blog posts you have heard of Slack, but you still may be confused as to what it is and why you should create an account. We have created numerous boards with topics for you to utilize: career talk, Instagram take overs, and upcoming events. If you are interested in engaging in any of these beneficial (FREE!) dialogues, move your attention to the slack page.

When looking for advice or inspiration who better to turn to than the babes community? On the help wanted page you can recruit people to fill a position with your company and join your tribe. You can trust that the women who contact you are movers and shakers, just like you. By utilizing these boards you know that you are hearing from reliable people who are looking to get the job done.

A unique tab on the Slack that you might be confused by at first is the bartering room. But it’s exactly what you think, users can trade their time, artwork, or skills, in exchange for something another babe has to offer. For instance, say you are a photographer but don’t know the first thing about coding. You could trade someone a photo-shoot in return for help coding your new website. And by doing so you get the opportunity to network with a new company and get a somewhat free service. That sounds like something I wouldn’t want to miss if you asked me.

Or maybe if you’re just looking for an online community, you might be a perfect candidate for my good reads page! This Slack page is going to have somewhat of a book club feel. I don’t know about you ladies but I tend to leave books untouched on my bedside table for ages, but having a group of babes reading along with you will motivate you to read each week. Our first read will be You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, fire up those kindles and purchase this gem. I have all types of fun lined up but you’ll have to join the slack team to find out more.

Have we sold you on joining yet? Yes, good! To join go to and click on the “Become a member tab”. Follow the directions and you’ll soon receive an email prompting you to join the Slack team. What you put in is what you get out, so let’s use the slack page to its full potential and connect with babes all the time, not just at meet ups.

So I ask again “Where are all my ladies at?!” because we are waiting for you on the slack page. See you there.

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