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5 Reasons Using Clean Ingredients Will Transform The Way You Care For Your Skin

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Our recent Morning Mind Fuel featured the amazing Aja from Aja Naturals. Aja Naturals is a handcrafted, plant-based, and cruelty-free skincare brand that’s making some serious waves in the beauty industry.

So, today we’re sharing the 5 reasons you should be using clean ingredients in your skincare too!

Reason 1: Clean Ingredients Are Truly Better For Your Body

For real. The ingredients in Aja Naturals products are better for your skin than anything you’ve currently got lining your sink. And it’s because the ingredients matter.

Reason 2: Fresh Means Local

How do you know you’re getting fresh ingredients in your skincare? If something takes weeks to get to your doorstep, chances are it’s full of preservatives that keep it “fresh” until it does.

Plus, when you shop local, you’re supporting a business in your own backyard and that’s a great feeling too.

Reason 3: You Skip The Harmful Chemicals

Since clean ingredients are really better for your body, it’s clear that all those long-name chemicals just aren’t. So, toss the things that can destroy the health and beauty of your skin and go with plant-based, natural ingredients instead.

Reason 4: When You Feel Better You Live Better

No, it’s not just a cliche. When you feel better in your own skin you really do shine. And when you feel good about what you put on your body, you show up in a new way too. And saying “no” to harmful chemicals is a great way to choose a healthier life.

Reason 5: You Deserve It

Real talk: You, your body, your health, and your mindset deserve to be cared for. So treat yourself well. That way, you can step into the business boss life you’re meant for. (And you can look and feel great doing it.)

And if you want in on our boss babe filled Morning Mind Fuels, sign up for our Babes In Business Membership here.

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