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Making The Customer Journey Part of Your Marketing

If you’ve ever tried to market a new product or service you know that some customers just seem more interested or ready to buy than others.

But if you’re wondering how to better market your business, you’ll want to understand why there’s such a difference between where one customer is and where another might be.

And to do that, you’ve got to look at the customer journey.

What Is The Customer Journey And What Are The Phases?

The customer journey is the set of points your customer is at when it comes to buying from you.

Understanding these points can help you really nail your messaging.

We break all 5 phases down in more detail in our workbook but, for now, let’s explore how the phases show up in the sales process.

Awareness + Consideration

These two phases are what’s happening when your customer isn’t yet a customer. These are the presale phases where a customer is just realizing your product or service exists and that they might need something like what you offer.

The presale part of the customer journey is where you can really help the customer see the value you bring to their lives over a competitor and where you can really make them aware of how the problem they have can be solved by what you offer.


This is the one everyone tends to focus on and with good reason. In this phase, someone has taken the leap and bought from you.

Often, your messaging here is congratulating them and preparing them for the next few phases.

Retention + Advocacy

These last two stages happen after someone has purchased from you. They’re a customer now and you’re going to want to keep it that way. And that sweet spot, that advocacy phase? That’s where they sing your praises and… that means they’re doing (a little bit of) your marketing for you!

The importance of these stages is that you create a reason to stay and that you’ve delivered an experience that they want to share.

What’s Next

In our workbook The 5 Stages Of The Customer Journey, we share some tips for making the most of each stage in the customer journey. From using hashtags for brand awareness to what phase is best for giveaways and how to make your email marketing a guiding part of the customer journey.

The key is to bring your awareness to what your customers need to feel trusting and connected to you whether they’re just starting the journey or have already bought something from you.

We can’t wait to see how you make this part of your messaging!

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