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How To Stay Organized In Your Business

Juggling all the different parts of your business can be a challenge. From paperwork to digital files, invoices to contact information, your ability to manage the less exciting parts of your day-to-day is a crucial part of how you’ll grow. So, today we’re sharing some can’t-miss tips for getting (and staying) organized, straight from our Babes In Business Workbook.

Let’s get to it.

Organize Your Paperwork

In our workbook, we explore the exact steps you can take to get your paperwork organized. And one of the keys here is not just to go Marie Kondo and organize your vital files, it’s to choose and use a system.

When you decide how you’re going to organize your business you can use that structure for everything.

It also makes it easier to hire and train people too!

Organize Your Digital Workspace Too

Once you’ve tackled filing cabinets or messy desks, it’s time to head to your desktop...or laptop!

If it makes sense, you can use the filing system you designed for your paperwork with your digital files too. For example, you can organize by account name or client name, by date, or by service/ product depending on the needs of your business.

The key here is to create or continue your system so you can make things like onboarding an employee or new client easy and clear.

Choose (And Use) Your Productivity Tools

Finally, in the workbook, we share our favorite recommendations for productivity tools. From project management to accounting to CRMs and social media scheduling, you’ll want to choose the ones that integrate best with your other tools and that make the most sense for your specific business.

You can find some examples in the workbook itself but the key here is t USE the things you choose and to make it a habit to use them so you continue to create systems in your business.

Want To Know All The Ins And Outs Of Getting Your Business Organized?

Check out the Babes In Business Workbook: How To Stay Organized In Your Business for all the details!

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