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Hosting Your Event During COVID: Event Designer Ami Lad Tells Us How To Make It Unforgettable

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A Lovely Party is a New Jersey-based event design company that specializes in creating custom decor for corporate events, weddings, and parties.

Ami founded the company in 2017 after over 10 years in corporate event management. Ami knows the importance of branding and creating a lasting impression to elevate guest experiences.

Her creativity and her attention to detail have led A Lovely Party to work with some of the top brands.

Ami is a Babe in Business who knows how to help you slay your next event and today she’s going to share 5 key tips for hosting an event during COVID.

Tip 1: Going Virtual? You Can Still Make It Personal

While the rest of our tips have to do with in-person events, this tip from Ami is perfect for those of us who are hosting amazing events online. “If you are hosting a virtual event, find ways to make people feel like they are sharing a common space. Start off with one or two interesting questions to get the party started. Prepare a few games for everyone to play. Send your guests goodie bags they can enjoy during the event. Host a decorating contest, so everyone is sharing in the festivities.”

We love this as a way to make the distance disappear for your guests!

Tip 2: Create Unforgettable Focal Points

Feeling like you have to have so many different things set up for your in-person event? Don’t sweat it.

Ami tells us how to avoid that overwhelm:

“Focus on a few big, impactful items. Right now, it's hard to run from store to store or get things delivered on time. Have a photo moment where you can capture amazing pictures and a beautifully decorated cake. Hire a food truck, a local band, or set up a projector for a movie screening.”

Keep it simple. Make it memorable. We love it!

Tip 3: Make Your Decor Work For You

Want to make sure everyone feels comfortable at your in-person event?

Let your decorations do the work while you enjoy your event!

To encourage social distancing, use balloons, planters, stakes, traffic cones, or chalk to split up the space. Try to work off the theme of the event.” Ami explains.

Tip 4: Enjoy Your Event Even From 6-Feet Away

When it comes to enjoying your event fully, Ami explains,

During the beginning of the pandemic, I felt like life mom

ents were taken away from me. Now that restrictions are easing up, I want to be able to celebrate all the little things and spend more time with the people I love, even if it's 6ft apart.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Tip 5: Lean On Your Community

Want to support local businesses when you host your next event?

Ami suggests looking for ways to connect with your community as you plan your event.

“Work with local businesses to come up with a creative option. Small businesses are trying to come up with ways to help people. Just because you haven’t seen it before, doesn’t mean it can’t happen!”

Go For It

While there’s a lot of uncertainty around the current pandemic, there’s one thing that we’re sure of: We love to see Babes out there slaying their events.

If you want to learn more about A Lovely Party and the work Ami does to make your event look beyond amazing, you can find her website here or follow her on Instagram @aLovelyParty

And be sure to tag us @babesinbusinessnj on Instagram and check out how you can become a member here.

Photo Credits

Peach Mason Jars: Photo Credit: Chelsea at Rosebud Photography

Flamingo and Woodland tables: Angela Reynoso

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