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Boss Up Your Content and Grow Your Instagram

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

We’re talking about all things content creation this month. Grow your Instagram with content that will have followers craving more.

Here are three action steps you can take to write content that’s so compelling it’ll turn your followers into customers (and your biggest fans).

Do Your Homework

This one is kind of a big deal because, for most of us, staring at a blank Google Doc is pretty freaking frustrating.

But what’s the alternative?

Be a boss who does her homework first.

Whether you dive into a networking slack channel, create a poll on your Instagram stories, ask questions in Facebook groups, or other online communities, make sure you’re asking questions of the people who you really want to read and engage with your content.

What’s giving them trouble? What’s the big struggle? What do they really want? What gets them intrigued.

Ask questions, take notes, and get really clear about what your audience would love to see.

Another great “homework” approach is to keep a Google Doc, spreadsheet, or note on your phone that lists content ideas as they come to you.

That way, when you set time aside to do your actual content creation, you aren’t starting from scratch.

Flip The Content Creation Script

Some content creators flip through the photos they have and give it their best shot when writing a caption for that photo.

But that’s just one way to do it.

Another way to approach content creation is to take that homework you just did and create content around those things your followers are most likely to really love.

Tell those stories and solve those problems for them and do it in writing first. Then go back to see what photos might fit with that content or copy.

When you do this you’re still using killer visuals, of course. But now the message that’s connected to those visuals is also connecting you to your audience and customers.

Bonus: When you step outside of your typical content-creation process, when you flip that script, you’ll find new ways to be creative. And that’s a total win too.

Embrace Your CURVEs

We’re not talking about those badass physical ones, although, yes embrace those too!

CURVE is an acronym that was initially used in email copywriting, specifically for headlines. But if you want to write compelling, conversion-driven, connection-packed content, we definitely suggest borrowing this trick from copywriters.

CURVE stands for Curiosity


Relevancy Value


When you lead someone to feel an emotion, to get curious, to feel a sense of positive urgency, to feel like they’ve been given something awesome, or to feel like your company gets them and what they need, you’re creating compelling content.

While you don’t need to use all five of these approaches in every piece of content, we’d suggest that at least two are used when you write.

Imagine writing something that really helps someone solve a problem and allows you to grow your business. That’s exactly what you can do when you embrace your CURVEs.

Craving Community? So Are Your Followers

Delivering consistently valuable and interesting content for your followers is a great way to grow your business and these tips are a great way to get started.

As you dig in, if you have questions or just want to connect with other amazing Businesses Babes, head over to our Babes In Business to join our Membership Community. We can’t wait to see you there!

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