5 Rules For Self-Promoting on Instagram and Beyond

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Ever feel like you've got to balance staying humble with growing your business?

Worried you might annoy your followers or friends when plugging your business or that upcoming event?

That’s totally normal.

And we love you for it.

But here’s the truth babe: If you don’t self-promote, nobody’s going to do it for you. (It’s literally in the name.)

You’re the best source of pump-ups your business can get and that’s why we’re sharing some rules we know are surefire ways to get comfy with promoting yourself and your business on social media and beyond.

Let’s get it going...

Rule 1: Babes Know Humble Doesn’t Mean Hiding Your Wins.

The first thing you’ve got to get locked down is your mindset. While you might not think there’s anything wrong with being super humble, you might not realize the impact playing small can have on your business.

Humility is a great trait but humility doesn’t mean hiding the success you’ve had because of how it might make other people feel.

You’re not in charge of their feelings.

But you are in charge of your business.

If you’re not sharing your wins, you’re probably missing out on opportunities to grow your business.

So go out there and be honest about all the ways you’re rocking your business!

Rule 2: Babes Use Video!

So how do you self-promote on social media?

You can create a post. You can pop up some stories.

But the thing we’d suggest right now is video.

You record a video and add it to IGTV. Create a quick one for your IG stories or take things up a notch and go live.

Videos are a fun and super engaging way to connect with your audience. Take a look at your likes, comments, and follows when you post a video that features you.

We’re willing to bet the engagement goes up.

And that’s because it’s YOU that your people want to see.

Rule 3: Babes Aren’t Afraid To Go Old School

Want to add an old-school twist to your self-promotion. Whip up some flyers in Canva, get yourself some business cards, and get personal by networking with others in your community (You can do this virtually if you can’t meet in person).

When you add personal touches like flyers, cards, and networking to your self-promotion approach you’re adding another way for people to get to know you.

The key here is to keep your flyers and cards on brand and be you when networking with others.

Speaking of being you...

Rule 4: