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3 Ways To Have A Successful Holiday Season on Social Media

Why Go Social During The Holidays?

The numbers don’t lie: More people than ever are on social media. And the holidays are no different. So, being on social media allows you to be part of the “gotta have it” feelings your customers are likely to have this time of year.

But.. You’ve got to have a strategy to have any success during the holidays. That’s why today we’re sharing the 3 steps you can take to make the most of the holiday shopping season.

Step 1: Get Messaging Clarity

Choosing your values and a theme for the holiday season can make your content creation process a breeze because it allows you to stay focused on what you really want to say. It also helps to keep you top of mind and memorable to your audience.

Be sure to decide what emotions you want your customers to feel this time of year and choose a slogan and words to use that help them feel that every time they see a post from you.

Step 2: Plan Your Content Marketing Ahead

From brainstorming ideas to creating a content calendar to defining your branding presets, when you plan your content ahead of time, you’ll be ready when the busy shopping season begins.

Don’t forget that you can use tools like Canva and Later to create and schedule posts so you can set it and forget it!

Step 3: Go The Extra Mile

With your messaging nailed down and your content created and scheduled the only thing left to do is simple: Wow your customers with finishing touches.

In our workbook How To Have A Successful Holiday Season On Social Media, we share our favorite finishing touches and more tips on getting the most out of your social presence this time of year.

But a good place to start is to imagine what you would love if you were a customer. That way you can impress yourself with all your awesomeness!

Let’s Get To It

This time of year can be amazing for new and experienced boss babes alike. And it all starts with great planning and preparation.

So, be sure to keep these tips in mind as you get started on your holiday content!

We can’t wait to see it all and cheer you on!

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