3 Reasons Your Business Should Fall In Love With SEO With Our In-House Expert, Nicole Salvatore

It’s Valentine’s Day Babes! And what better way to show some love to your business than with a little TLC for your SEO.

Now, we get it.

It might not sound so lovely, and it might even make you a bit nauseous...

But your business deserves better SEO and you deserve to make all your hustle worth it.

So hear us out.

SEO is more than just a term you hear thrown around by internet gurus.

It’s a way to show up in online searches your ideal clients are already making online.

Plus, it’s totally worth it because it makes everything you write online work harder for you!

(And of course, if you’re reading this, it means our SEO strategy is working, so we’re speaking from experience!)

Today our resident SEO Copywriter Nicole (who’s getting our little blog more views than ever lately…) is sharing 3 reasons your business should fall in love with SEO.

And the best part is there’s no bro-y jargon or tech skills required.

Let’s get down to business, babes!

Reason #1: SEO Helps You Show Up For What Your Clients Are Really Searching For Online

It’s true. When you find the right keywords you’ll tap into how your clients think, what they’re struggling with, and how you can help.

Then you’ll use research to find the specific words they're already using in online searches so that you can use them in your content.

And when you do, they'll start finding you!

Plus, when you do your keyword research and add some SEO to your website (or work with a professional like Nicole to help you through that process…) you’ll find you get less “writer’s block” because you have topics that really connect with your clients.

So, you can pull from those ideas again and again as you build your reputation as a go-to expert in that area.

Reason #2 SEO Helps You Reach New Audiences Without Breaking The Bank

SEO, even a low-tech version of it, is a great way to get new business leads for free.

While you can use SEO to get paid traffic, it's the unpaid or “organic” traffic that Nicole specializes in.

This means you’re creating an SEO strategy to reach new customers and clients for free. And you make that happen in a number of ways:

  • Use SEO strategy in how you set up your website

  • Write SEO-infused content and copy on your website

  • Create SEO-infused content on other platforms like podcasts, social media, or Youtube

  • Make a plan to consistently share SEO-infused content your clients already want

Simply put: When you rock your SEO everything you create works together to help you show up in the right search results on Google.

And that leads your potential clients to learn from you, work with you, or buy your product.

Plus, this focus on your business goals (from more email list sign-ups to more sales or consultation bookings) means you save time and money too.

And no, you’re not just writing for a search engine here. You’re writing so both Google and site visitors fall in love.

Reason #3: SEO Shows You Whether Your Marketing Hustle Is Working<