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Feed Your Social Media

As a hustler in the business, you should always be looking to expand your network—no matter how many followers you have. In this post we are going to become experts in using our social media accounts to grow off of one another. If you have ever wondered how to draw followers to a new account, look no further. By trusting in email and your already loyal followers, it’s a lot easier than you think. We get it, growing organically can be daunting, but by following these simple tips people will be following in no time.

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1.Mailing List

It may seem old fashioned but trust us, starting with email is a must. Create a mailing list that is gold. Try compiling your list of babes in different ways. Draw from your website, get emails at meet ups, any opportunity can be a chance to network, you just need take it. Focus on getting as many emails as you can to have as big of an audience as possible.

2.Time to Email!

Once you have targeted your audience, it is time to shoot out some emails. Use Mailchimp to solve all of your mass email angst. Mailchimp is an email marketing service that makes it that much easier to send out reminders about new blogs, events, or anything you deem exciting on the horizon. But before you click send, add your social media accounts to your email signature. This way people can easily find and follow your social media channels without even trying.

3. Snapchat

Say you want to get your devoted Snapchat fans to follow you on Instagram. Engage with your followers by starting a fun dialogue through your Snapchat story. However, instead of finishing the story on Snapchat, tell them if they want to hear the end to it will be on your Instagram story. That way people will have to follow you on Instagram to hear the end of the story. Remember: show don’t tell. No one likes to be told what to do, make them want to follow you to the next platform to learn more. Engage in a fun way that makes them want to keep listening!


I know after our last post you are all Instagram champions. But there’s always room for improvement, right? A quick and easy way to funnel followers to your other social media platforms is by listing them in your bio. If you hate how they never seem to post in a clean line, write them in your notes and then copy and paste it into the bio for a neater look. Your Instagram story can be utilized in the same way as Snapchat; Instagram allows you to upload your Snapcode to your stories, so be sure to use that to move followers from Instagram to Snapchat as well.

Bonus! Do you hate how Instagram only allows one link in your bio? Create a linktree account. Linktree creates one specific link that directs your reader to any given number of accounts. (For more awesome tips like this join the babes slack page!)


Facebook lets you have five top photos. These are the first five images anyone will see when they click on your page. Ensure that all five photos capture the brand that you are trying to sell. But in order to feed followers into other channels one of those photos should be your snap code. Make posts letting your followers know about your other social media accounts and what they have to offer.

After following these tips your social media accounts will be flowing in harmony, working off of one another to grow. If you need more of a visual to help solidify these concepts look to the chart we’ve created to help you. Be smart with your different accounts and different followers. Create a dialogue worth following and they will chase you to your other platforms. We all start small, here’s your chance to go big.

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