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CALLING ALL BABES: Join our new Babes in Business Slack team!!

Slack Team

"What's that??"

Slack is a messaging tool that you can use on both your phone and computer. Slack offers chat rooms, or as they call them channels, as well as private group messaging and direct messaging for companies, organizations, and networking groups like Babes In Business. Once you've created a slack team you can create channels and invite members to join and start communicating. With the new Babes in Business slack team we'll be able to communicate with each other and network outside of meetings!

How do I join the team?

You can sign up using your email address by going to our home page.

Once you've joined the Babes Slack team, you'll have access to our public channels allowing you to communicate with other Babes. Each channel will be used to discuss different topics (i.e. "Help Wanted" or "Social Media Tips"). Pick the channels that you're interested in, then get involved! Meet other members, give advice, and learn something new from your fellow Babes.

If you find yourself wanting to message someone directly you are able to do that in Slack as well. Direct messages allow users to send private messages to a specific user. Direct messages can include up to nine people (the originator plus eight others).

Now go sign up and start networking!

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