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We have over 500 Babes who are active in our online community! By joining the community, you’ll be able to meet all of our Babes, ask and answer questions with your peers, learn about upcoming events, promote your business and more - all in one place.

How does it work?

Our Babes Community is powered by Slack - a messaging tool that allows us to stay connected with one another through different channels (or chatrooms). Start by signing up here and you'll get your first week free to test it out! Once you are all signed up you will have access to all the channels we have created.

What kind of channels will you find?

We have over 25 channels for you to explore. You can choose which ones you want to follow based on your personal interests. We have channels where you can:

  • learn about business, tech and social media

  • promote your events and give discount codes

  • gain early ticket access and discounts to our signature mini meet ups 

  • barter with each other for services

  • hire from within the BIB community 



Tapping into the Babes 

Community any time is easy...  


Need to expand your company? Hire a freelancer for a project? Have a tax question? Or want to network and meet other Babes In Business?

Just use your laptop or phone and start networking with over 500 BIB members today!

Download the Slack app on your phone and desktop.
*We love using Slack on our laptops with a bigger screen!


Set up your profile with a photo, email address and any other information you want other members to be able to reach you with.

set up

Introduce yourself and start using all the channels to grow your network!


The Babes


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We know you're out there crushing it and that your busy schedule might make it hard for you to attend some of our bi-monthly meet ups.


That's why we created the Babes Community - a place to network while you're on the go! 

Simply put, the Babes Community is networking made easy for productive boss babes.

See you on the

Babes Community